TERA Online - Brain dump.

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TERA Online - Brain dump.

Post  xeonwraith on Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:27 pm

Yup, its another brain dump like the LoL one. Hopefully it won't be as complex or as scary as the LoL one, but it should at least provide something helpful to TERA newbie Valuta. Of course, others read as you wish.It may mean nothing to you though.

Sorc- PvP, AoE, Crit monster.
Theres nothing much low levels to cover, but once you get Flaming Barrage spam use it. FB > Magma Bomb > FB > Ice needle > FB > Repeat. This should be your normal combo and it should be for a very long time. Arcane Pulse is a terrible skill at this level due to the low DPS it offers. Fireball should never be used after this point. Glyphing for Sorc is pretty simple, choose glyphs which either help damage, give CDR or reduce mana costs. Your crystals should be all HP and MP regen.

Hitting SM, your second dungeon, the Sorc class starts to shine. It is VITAL to take the glyph of sharing for Fireblast. No matter what other glyphs you have, this one is undoubtedly the most useful glyph you'll ever get. While in SM, there will be several points where minions and mobs will bunch up by the Tank, Nuke'm (use fireblast). It should kill all of them instantly. Crystals now become more important. You now can get crystals to increase your Crit damage by getting the ones for attacking from behind (and get the vs bosses one too). Getting several different ones will stack, same ones will not. By stacking it, your Crits when at this level can reach up to around 40-60k damage.

More later. Got work. >.>

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