League of Legends - A few thoughts

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League of Legends - A few thoughts

Post  xeonwraith on Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:25 pm

Alright first off, for the three of you whom bother out to check the forum, only one of you will know what I'm talking about. Thats Valuta. So why am i making this? I have no idea at all. For the most part i thinks its just a topic for me to rant about. Btw, there is a chance of me making a "What is League of Legends?" or something in the future, but thats for later.
If you've got something better to do for the next 5 minutes and aren't interested, i advise you to do it now.

Main Topic - Vayne vs Varus
Vayne's Page - http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Varus_the_Arrow_of_Retribution
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2101629 - Topic about base stats.
Here, i'll be going over my thoughts about these champions and comparing the two.

In LoL, Vayne for the most part has been the most reliable and powerful AD carry in my opinion. Starting with her passive it allows some V.nice quick harassment and it still applies (sorta) if you run sideways to your target.

Q, it allows you to quickly dodge any skillshots coming your way - so long you have the reaction times for it. This not only allows you to avoid early game harass but it instead allows you to get a item like a Doran's blade to help out with Vaynes low base health and her lack of early game power. This is because in LoL current "Meta" your typical carry opening would be Lvl1 boots and 3 health potions, as this gives sustain and some quick mobility. Mobility which is already covered by Vayne's Q & Passive.

W, This is one of the main skills whichs Vayne a monster lategame regardless of how fed you or they are. It will rip even the tanks apart, and the best part is, there is no counter.

E, a hit or miss skill. At times it can save your life but all too often the "Massive" burst people are saying simply isn't there. Sure getting the 2 185 hits at rank 5 is nice, but it goes through their armor twice, meaning double damage reductions for you. Honestly, i think its better to keep this skill as utility but again, her early game will suffer. Mid game though, that E will win you a fight in a 1v1.

R, This is what makes her awesome. Triple passive, massive damage increase and a stealth to top it off. This allows Vayne to chase, kill and suffer minimal hits. Aside from her E, that stealth allows her to win in any 1v1. When ever Vayne goes into stealth,she'll get the first hit off on enemy before leaving stealth. Thats 1.6 "free hits" every 2 seconds. Heck that stealth even works in full 5v5 teamfights. I personally remember dragging a enemy team across my teamfights twice over with all of them overfocusing me. it went a trade-off 1 for 5 leading to a win.

Gonna be kinda hard to give my impressions on a champion who i haven't played or isn't even released, but i'll be going by the gameplay videos released and the stats given so far. His passive so far seems pretty solid, i can see players killing off a single minion and then going to harass with the additional DPS. The increase isn't too large in my opinion but large enough to have a effect.

Q, Its Caitlyn's Q ramped up in size. The numbers for this looks good, really good. It seems like a solid choice early game,with the stats increasing massively. That said in the end, the total damage is pretty similar to caitlyn's expect his ratios are 0.3 larger. Kinda painful. The worst part of this isn't its damage though, its the range of it. This thing when fully charged has a longer range than Nidalee's Spear throw - and as any cougar-hating-spear-to-face-eating person should know, thats a hell of a long range. Oh, the damage falloff for each target hit is also 7% than Caitlyn. Thats totally fair. ._. (Nerf ratios to bonus attack damage instead of total damage please. T_T)

W, Its like Vayne's W but both weaker long term and stronger short term. Firstly, the extra magic damage may as well be physical damage. The only difference is its more likely the other AD carry would have less MR than armor (you'd typically expect other AD carry in bot lane). This makes his W more effective early game. The % health damage isn't all too impressive, ranks poorly and considing its magic damage, most tanks will have a counter for this anyway. Seems pretty balanced.

E, A straight up AoE skill. More utility than damage, it gives a reason damage ranking but rather poor damage ratios. Its slow however is pretty good for cutting off escapes as well as giving escapes for yourself. (Hang on, doesn't this seem like a counter to Vayne's mobility?)

R, not too sure what to make of this. it deals some decent magic damage. But at most i can see this being used to mess up a enemy team's positioning and to again stop or create escapes. I mean this skill isn't all too impressive, in a AD carry 1v1 duel this skill will have pretty much no effect at all - it just becomes a DPS fight for 2 seconds. The cooldown for this isn't short either 90 seconds at max rank. While Vayne has a CD of 70 seconds.

See edited section for real impressions. Seems i miss some important bits.

Base stats, I usually don't go into these but Varus's are insane. Take a look at his health. It starts at 467, one of the highest for AD carries. Compare it with Vayne. Even if Vayne gets a Doran's blade for 100 extra health, shes placed still 8 health lower than Varus with no items. Thats a massive difference early game. Hes also pretty high up in the armor count, starting a 15 compared to Vayne's 9 and Caitlyn's 13.

In a 1v1 Vayne will probably win due to her more versatile skill set. In a 5v5, Vayne will again probably win, thanks to her stealth and W. That said, it think Vayne will also be killed in the meanwhile. Probably due to Varus' slows and snares (Not a stun, Vayne will still autoattack everyone to death in the meantime). Assuming he can get a good hit. Early game though, Varus will wipe the floor with Vayne. In fact after seeing how terrible Vayne's stats are, i may need a new rune page.

EDIT: Doran's blade nerfed. The 100 health which is used to give is now only 80 health. Same cost though. With that in mind, i'll probably play Vayne with a Doran's shield for my starting item. Seems like a smart idea to counter her low Armor and Health pool.


Now hes out, let me summarize him like this. Lolwut? OP MF + Corki + Nidalee? So imba nerf pl0x.
So, yeah...
I've played a couple of matchs and now looking at it, his early game which i thought was good is silly good.

Passive: Holy heck, this is better than i thought. That additional attack speed allows Varus a much faster attack animation, despite already having a incredibly smooth one anyway. This allows a constant keep on CS should you feel like it, you can completely out DPS enemy champions.

Q, His Q at rank 1 with just a dorans blade deal arounds 160 damage easy at long range. Heck the thing hits max range fast, making tier 2 useless for escaping the range. But the thing is, the projectile is large and it moves fast. Regardless of if you notice him charging it, if you're close enough you almost will be hit. So long as your positioning is good, that -33% damage on the first hit isn't a problem for sniping. And if the enemy sticks by his minions to reduce the damage, he eats your autoattacks. The main balance of this skill is the large mana cost. Oh btw, Flash? BOOM HEADSHOT! No really, this needs a ratio nerf.

W, So logically, to balance him out he would be terrible late game right? Wrong. Turns out his W doesn't do 5% magic damage in total. Its for EACH STACK. That leads to a insane total of 15% Max HP when fully stacked, true or not the sheer percentage could easily topple Vayne's W. "Right, so this skill in particular will be weak early game?" Sort of. Sort of not. The rank one of getting this is 10 magic damage straight up. That's more or less the same as getting a long sword which is 415 gold mind you. That said that ranking bonus really aren't much to shout about, making it less effective mid game.

E, Its not too big of a slow nor is it high damage. It is quite long range though, becoming effective to hit and slow enemy champions and follow up with some massive right clicking. I'd rank this up last.

R, You know how i said it'll mess up a enemy team positioning, well it really does. More effective than i thought. I personally thought the ensnare would be quicker, freezing the enemies down faster; but it isn't. Instead its slower. creating also most a constant CC for all the enemies through out the teamfight. Still deciding whether this is bonus or a disadvantage.

Back on to the early game. The combo i see most effective is Minion kill-Passive, E-Slow, Autoattack 3 times - W stacks, (They should run), snipe with Q. If they don't run, use Q to trigger W or if they're low enough, R - trigger W, 3 more attacks - W, Q snipe. Strategy wise, going defensive here is a waste. Dorans blade or Boots to start with for more harass. Flat AD runes for more Q damage. 22-0-8 for more damage and enough mana regen. Someone like Janna or Lulu for slow & shield. Easy laning.

Build wise it seems to be mostly attack damage. IE, Bloodthrister, PD, LW, ect. Wiggles lantern is always a nice choice for any AD champion, especially for Varus as the bonus damage on minions triggers his passive more. But with 1600 gold there, I'd think i'll find myself buying a B.F sword instead. The 2 problems i see with Varus are his mana problems (Cuz' Q spam rocks lanes) and his annoying large cooldowns. Honestly, i'd rather not buy Morello's Evil tome to sort these problems ( A early frozen heart seems to be a good choice here, but its really expensive and more damage just seems to be a better choice than fixing a few cons).

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Re: League of Legends - A few thoughts

Post  xeonwraith on Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:26 pm

Alright, so this little bit will be a pure number crunching section to improve my Vayne's terrible early game. Before i begin i should explain my early game is pretty passive for the most part, playing safe and punishing hard when they overextend. For this, i use a 21-0-9 mastery set, getting points into mana and mana regen (kinda pointless now thinking about it, i don't spam skills all too much). With that in mind, i'd like to take on a more aggressive early game without having a constant fear of getting insta-gibbed when i get CC'ed. AHP = Effective hp with armor counted. MRHP = Effective hp with magic resist counted.
Ideas and thoughts are appreciated.

First of all, this will be based on health.
Vaynes base values (with lvl 1 increases)
HP: 422 , AHP: 499, MRHP:575.
Vayne + 21-9-0 Masteries. Into armor and HP.
HP: 478 , AHP: 569, MRHP: 631
Vayne + Armor\Hp Seals
N/A. I ain't spending IP on them. >.>
Vayne + Doran's Shield
HP: 562, AHP: 691, MRHP 731
Vayne + 21-9-0 + Doran's Shield (Mostly likely start for me after Doran blade nerf)
HP:598, AHP:789 MRHP: 780

Keep in mind these are values at lvl 1 and from a AHP from 499 to 789, thats quite a large increase. Even if me and the enemy carry go in a autoattack war, the bulk of health should make a massive difference.

Ideas needed: A Method of more damage. Sure, i can survive but what if my lane partner gets caught out of position? I need a method to make my damage threatening enough so they back off. And if they don't, they die. Increases in my personal health won't help him\her.

On second thought, the only viable option of getting damage is a Dorans blade and while on the subject, i'm gonna talk about why i've started to dislike it.
80 Health. This is a really low amount of health now, worth about 2 hits on yourself. When getting ganked this simply isn't enough to survive and stay in lane.
3% Lifesteal. Alright lifesteal is awesome. 3% lifesteal is slightly less awesome and the fact you only have 60 damage + have to last hit makes this almost completely useless.
10 damage. This is the comeback feature of the Doran's blade. While 10 damage may not be much in the long run, it still is worth about 20% of your total damage. This lets you last hit easier, and deal more harass.

But overall, i feel it simply isn't cost-effective anymore. Compared to boots and 3 health potions, The boots give the speed to harass and escape and those health potions are effectively (450) health-in-a-can. Meanwhile a Doran's shield gives more health, Health regen regardless of condition, and it counteracts the enemy damage with armor.

Next up, runes probably.

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Re: League of Legends - A few thoughts

Post  valuta on Sat May 05, 2012 1:23 pm

I read it, it seems solid.
Need a support to lane with ^_^?

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Re: League of Legends - A few thoughts

Post  xeonwraith on Sat May 05, 2012 4:47 pm

New Section: Ranked. (Its not Runes! Surprised)
Alright, so after watching a couple of ranked matchs, i'm going write down what i've seen from them. Of course, being ranked, there lies a level of skill and mastery with the game. Perfect positioning, Champion mastery and being able to dodge & predict around 75% of skillshots is a example of a few of them. And honestly, all of that is really needed unless you want to be stuck in the 800-1600 ELOs, which really isn't great.

Toplane solo - Not too important i find, really just there to give a more build dependent champion more farm. But really, it seems to be a real "milking" lane for the jungler.

AP Mid lane - I've seen a lot of bad and good champions in this lane. The biggest problem i've seen with these guys is their positioning, getting too close to the bush for example. Being in mid lane mean having to have some insane map awareness, as mid is usually the close to a encounter in the jungle/river, mobile champions such as Leblanc or Kassadin mean fast support and normally a quick kill.

Bottom lane Support - Oh wow, i've seen soooo many bad supports. Firstly, the best supports i've seen are those with shields and heals. Karma, Janna and Lulu have pretty much been the champions whom are awesome at this. The heal is for sustain while the shield is for quick harass. Champions such as Alistar and Sona can work in lane, but it usually isn't enough compared to other champions. One typical thing that happens in Ranked is that the support only goes back when the AD carry goes back. Its common sense sort of. What can a lone support do vs 2 other champions? Better to go back with the carry. That said, should the enemy carry go back and your carry also, it a very good chance to grab some CS and more XP. Spamming gold per 5 items can't fuel you all the time. (Differences between playing safe and making the most out of everything.)
That said, champions such as Alistar, Gangplank, Eveylnn can effectively become a roamer; ganking (and warding) in the enemy jungle and mid lane. It helps with map control, your jungler and your mid lane. With the recent change in XP, where underleveled players could get more XP from killing higher level players, this is beocoming more and more viable. Of course, Bottom AD Carry suffers. One last thing WARDS. If you don't know where to place them, go watch a few ranked games.they're consistant. Additionally if you're a roamer, grab oracles and start killing their wards.

Bottom AD Carry - Some good and some bad (0-7-1 Vayne FTW!). This is the role i've been focusing on the most. General trends seem to be 2 Dorans Blades, Zerk Greaves into bloodthrister. This gives massive lifesteal though if it can much up to IE's Crits, i don't know (Also too lazy to calculate). With Vayne i've found most players back off on the second hit of Vayne's W, probably trying to avoid the proc and unable to trade effectively with skillshot CDs up. Of course being Vayne they usually don't avoid it anyway. This should not be done with player with a higher DPS output, i.e. Corki's Machine gun. In combo with a shield from a support, this should be easy to pull off.
Bottom solo AD Carry. Lolwut? Thats what i thought at first. But it actually allows your AD Carry more XP and forces the enemy bottom lane to push hard = Easy ganks for your jungler. CS however will suffer. A active and trusted jungler is needed for this. Squishy champions and really aggressive players will just feed in this. Good choices are Urgot, Graves and probably Varus. (All quite tanky, pretty long range and punishes tower divers).

Jungler - This is probably the biggest role in the team. Win or lose. Junglers need to be active. They need good map awareness. They need to counter jungle. First of all, warding. This is one the most important parts of being able to gank and counter jungle. If you're support isn't warding, you're screwed. Likewise, you need to remove their wards for the same purpose; getting a oracle very handy. This also allows some crazy ganking routes, ever seen jungle Alistar come from behide a tower and knocking you back in lane? Its both terrifying and awesome.

Teleport ganking, i saw this once and i lmao'd. You got a ward in the far part of the bottom bush, by enemy turret. You got Veiger with teleport. DOUBLE KILL! Admittedly its better to have someone like Rammus barreling out, but its all good nevertheless.

Assasins, they're very useful for your team. If you pick off one of their players like their AD carry and then do Baron you're forcing a teamfight. Disengage baron and go in a 5 vs 4? Easy win.

Pushing. Odd topic this one, pushing harder makes it easier for the enemy jungler to gank you and it harder for you jungler to support you. On the other hand, pushing hard enough will allow you to prevent some of the enemy's CS as the enemy tower will killa few of the minions. From what i've seen, pushing hard is really affective before forcing a teamfight. It'll sometimes means you'll go 5 vs 4 as one of the enemy champions are defending lanes or get a free tower kill because they didn't bother to defend. That said, pushing like that will make you overextend a lot, making wards and Anti-CC vital for pushing. One early game example of this would be pushing hard while the enemy laner(s) are back in base. Junglers can't gank you well due to lack of support (i.e. The enemy laner(s)), and pushing hard will give you a CS lead.

More stuff later.

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Re: League of Legends - A few thoughts

Post  xeonwraith on Thu May 10, 2012 2:21 pm

This topic is really just a mind dump of my thoughts when playing LoL. Perhaps i think too much. Moving on, i've noticed i've spread these posts in a sort of unorganized grouping system. The first post being about Comparisons and impressions, second being a raw number section, the third being ranked and for this one, it shall be a collection of all of them and - to be honest i have no idea why i'm bothering with this. Its a post about building Varus, items, runes, masteries, skill chains and playstyles. I probably could be sorted this out between the topics, but i'm simply too lazy to (That is not a invitation to do so if you're wondering. My thoughts like to be in random piles. More breathing room for them).

Skill leveling
Q,W or E? Its a tough choice firstly:

Q, Its the first one i went for, but is it worth it? The damage ramp up isn't all that large if you look at it, the minimum damage increasing at 33 per rank and the?maximum damage at 50 per rank. Let me throw Vayne in here, her E ranks up by 35 per rank each both the hit and impale. This gives off a total of 70 (Plus double armor reduction of course. ._.) and should somewhat be in line with Varus's ranking. Likewise, they both reduce in cooldown by 2 seconds each. But is that really that good to max first? I'm not going to argue with the very helpful damage early game here, but i don't think its worth maxing first (Something like ranking first till lvl 7 or so, then switching).

W, I've so it once and i'll say it again. The bonus magic damage is small. Ranking at a mere 4 damage a level that flat damage won't help early game. The % damage will help mid to late game, but its kinda useless if your skill cooldowns are too large to trigger it. I expect is rank this mid to late, definitely not first.

E, the one i first though i'd rank last seems to be the one i'll rank first. Isn't logic and maths awesome? Anyway, this skill has a very low AD ratio of 0.6, making it much less effective late game. That said, this skill offers a straight up 40 damage per rank. Not as high as Q and its AoE and much faster to cast. Additionally, extra 5% slow per level, which would seem very helpful in escaping and chasing. Very much like the other skills, the again drops 2 seconds off its cooldown.

R, Now thinking of it, is it worth ranking this early at all? Fine it gives 100 extra damage a shot and 15 seconds off its cooldown but would it be more useful to spend the points on like W which gives a constant effect? I mean, R works on a AP ratio, its not built for Varus's Damage unless you're going 1v1 (Or AP). The main reason why i'd use it is for the CC effect, and that stays at 2 seconds constantly. "So whats the point?" you ask. I have completely no idea.

Alright, that me done with this at the moment. I need to test skilling a bit more and i'm also planning to do a few calculations to test if flat AD or Armor pen is better for Varus. Masteries are 21-2-7 atm. Going for mana regen and 4 extra armor points.

NEW AP Varus:
Is it Viable? - Eh...
Is it fun? - Eh...
Honestly AP Varus doesn't seem all too good. I mean, lets go straight to the late game, Varus has gotton 800 AP which is a heck of a lot of AP. His R which has a nice 1.0 AP ratio will give a total of 1150 Magic damage which is pretty reasonable. His W on the other hand will deal 226 per hit, not impressive. The W stacking a effect however gives 13% Hp damage per stack, meaning at 3 stacks it'll explode for a massive 39% of their total hp. But thats all.
Look at his earlly game. Its terrible. W has terrible flat damage ratios and the % HP damage is pointless early game. His R arrives only at lvl 6 and it still has a 120 second cooldown. Its simply not viable at all! If you want to go AP, get a AP champion. (Or Kog'Maw, but he requires a silly amount work to get to the full power that he can deal. Oh and so long there isn't a enemy Veiger or Leblanc. They still will insta-gib you.)

OLD Fiora text doc.
Did this a long while ago, mainly me complaining about Fiora's skills and wanting a nerf on them. I'll be adding slight counter arguements to my own complaints to try and balance them.

(Passive) Duelist - Fairly well balanced for the most part, the regen isn't overwhelming in early game (7-13x4) ands its a slightly silly addition (25x4) in late game. That said, when combined with a Bloodthrister and her E, her regen starts to become somewhat insane. (You know, getting 4 hits early game is suprisingly difficult and the CC and burst of any good team will them this pointless)

(Q) Lunge - As for laning strength it seems somewhat weak, low base damage and a bad ratio.Some pretty silly utility though. This skill allows her to completely ignore good carry positioning. Got tank in front protecting carries? Lunge>Tank>Carry = Stabby stabby. No defensive option expect to try CC or run. Be better to decrease the range and improve the ratio. (Nope, this is still a awesomely-annoying anti-carry skill. Thankfully most Fioras aren't that smart.)

(W) Riposte - A defensive version of Yi's Wuju blade. Its not a insane skill, though the increased attack damage is kinda of annoying early game. (Want to know something more annoying? Graves with full AD runes. Riposte is pretty balanced.)

(E) Burst of Speed - Yi's Ulti expect more silly. 120% attack speed, 15% x3 movement speed, refresh on kill, its insane. Who cares about movement and attack speed items like Phantom dancers? Press E and you can out DPS a AD carry with minimal AD items! This needs a straight up nerf in my opinion. (I'm sorry, but the matter still stands on this one. The numbers are just too large for a skill like this that isn't a Ulti - Sup' Yi.)

(R) Blade waltz - This is the most ridiculous one. Its starts off fine, 160 damage a hit, up to 320; but late game its 500 damage + 1.2 AD a hit up to a total of 1000 +2.4 AD. Heck, even with Riot's "25% damage on same target" doesn't do much. Just that alone at max rank, no items gives you 1000 flat damage or 2500 damage (Across whole team) in total. Oddly its not enough apparently, as they gave her good ratios in it's damage and maxiumum damage. Thats still not enough, it also has on-hit effects so you can get perma-slowed and have your armor and Hp ripped apart at the same time. But thats not the really annoying thing, her ulti has no counter. You can't CC her, you can't run away, you can't even trade blows with her. Its really just press R on a enemy to win, i mean it would be far better if it was a AoE effect, that way you can flash out. (The CC fact still stands. The damage does not. Looking at bare numbers, this is insane! But you need to keep reduction into account. This attack hits 5 times in total, making it go through armor reduction FIVE TIMES. The end result is a actually a very low amount of damage. Grab armor and problems sorted.)
Nerf damage, ratios and majorly buff the skill required to use it.

I'm expecting a nerf soon. (I'm expecting to take longer and look at the stats at some point)."

Darius - The hand of Noxus

Being a top-laner i can't comment all too well on the early game side. That side, i'll still try and point out the insane.

Passive - 12-36 damage, 0.4 AD ratio. Stacks five times. The damage of it is reasonable. The Ratio is reasonable. The stacks are silly. At max, the bleed effect will be doing 180 + 2.0 AD. Sure, the base damage is still pretty normal but the 2.0 AD ratio will really hurt. Its easily possible to get around 250 AD as even a top-laner, giving a total of 680 extra damage on full stacks. That isn't the silly part though, 5% movement speed per stack. Thats 15 movespeed per hit. It can stack for as many champions hit which is 25 times. Thats a total of 375 extra movement speed. Of course, i highly doubt such a amount is achieveable in a teamfight, but it should be hard to like get 3 stacks instantly just by using Q, and once the stacks kick in, there is no running away. This'll allow him to chase harder than anyone else so long as that Yi doesn't use Flash+Ghost+Ulti+Ghostblade all at once to get a big enough difference. (Reduce the stack limit. Its way too high!)

Q, Its pretty sweet and simple, i very much do like the idea of it. The numbers looks pretty reasonable, ranking off a 0.7 and 1.05 ratio on BONUS AD ; This doesn't seem increibly weak or strong.

W, A ratio skill which is silly late game. 200% Damage. 200! Poor Vayne only gets a additional 50% damage but somehow it was also a nice idea to give this a additional slow, making his passive even more effective. Oh and its a attack modifier. It can Crit! (Decrease the additional damage or change it to magic damage. Something with that amount of burst really shouldn't be benefiting from his E's passive)

E, 25% armor pen at max rank. Think of it like this, you get 10% from masteries, 40% from Last whisper, 25% from this and that makes all armor pointless. -censored-? With so much AD damage is the idea of Darius just to make a champion whom can kill everything in a shot time with no counters? Oh and guess what? It has a active which gives him a pull (Seems like that speedy Yi isn't going anywhere) so even if they flash away they'll get caught again. Want to know something else awesome? He pulls EVERYONE. Good positioning from a teamfight? Nope, hes also able to remove that. (Remove the "Everyone", remove the Armor pen, give it some damage numbers or at least have the Armor pen fade away once the skill has been used).

R, Alright this is the most annoying one. Its simply ******* ridiculous. It really is. A massive leap that deal true damage. 20% more true damage per passive stack. Thats 340 + 0.75 Bonus AD True damage all the way to 680 + 1.5 Bonus AD True damage. That thing can hit a straight up 1k true damage which has no counters. If he kills the target, the cooldown is refreshed. For some reason this wasn't enough. If he kills it 0.5 seconds after its also refreshed, Thats just asking for a single W hit and thats a easy kill. Regardless on the amount of stacks of his passive he has on enemies, this thing can get pentakills easily. (Remove the cooldown refresh or remove the stacking with the passive.)

Overall: Ridiculously unbalanced late game. Its far too easy to deal massive damage and far too hard to counter that damage. The sheer damage of him means direct focus everytime. Oh and don't forget you've got the enemy ranged carry to deal with.

Noticeable problems:
No natural sustian. It really relies on getting lifesteal early for him, which means no ealry damage. (Countering Darius by ganking him like mad early game?)

Not naturally tanky. He has no additional MR or Armor from a skill or a shield to trade well. (Apply silly amounts of harass)

CC-able Get a Rammus taunt on him and he dies. ( Rammus jungle time!)

In a way, he is like a glass-cannon. Expect more of a machine gun-shotgun-stabby-thingy made from glass.

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Re: League of Legends - A few thoughts

Post  valuta on Sat May 19, 2012 3:32 pm

*crawls away into a dark corner overwhelmed by information*

Don't post if you don't bother reading. - Xeon.

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Re: League of Legends - A few thoughts

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